Implementing The OODA Loop in Cyber Warfare

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Synergy is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effort greater than the sum of their separate effects. Combined arms is the integration of complementary weapons in a manner that creates a synergistic effect and places an opponent in an inescapable, hopeless situation, otherwise known as the horns of a dilemma.1 In this paper, we will briefly examine how the synergy between the strategic initiative of Zero Trust and the OODA Loop creates such an effect.

Action Absent Strategy

The cyber warfare environment is like no other competitive environment confronting corporate America today. The competitive mindset necessary for winning the battle to protect data and critical digital assets, threatened by the evolving cyber threat environment, requires an entirely different mindset than that found in most organizations today. Yes, there is acceptance that the threat is real and there is agreement that the risk must be mitigated, but taking action has been slow and, in too many instances, absent a sound strategy.

The competitive environment in cyberwarfare is the internet. It is a guerrilla war environment that favors the cybercriminal. This operational battlefield continues to evolve as the use of IoT and IIoT results in a continuously broadening attack surface, increased vulnerability and questionable confidence in a remote workforce that often cannot be properly authenticated. The remote workforce, combined with the growing cybersecurity skills gap, demands improved situational awareness across the enterprise if the increased risk is to

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