IKEA Put Cameras In Employee Warehouse Bathrooms

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IKEA has removed hidden security cameras from its warehouse in Peterborough, England, after an employee spotted one in the ceiling void while using the toilet.

Workers at the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant were concerned that they may have been spied on while in the bathroom.

The discovery was made last week when the lights were switched off. A member of staff spotted what appeared to be a small red light between the panels of a suspended ceiling. When they investigated, they found the hidden camera.

When they looked further, they found a number of other cameras above both the men’s and ladies’ toilets.

One worker told the Peterborough Telegraph: “They were not wireless cameras, there is a whole network of cable.”

IKEA admitted they had been in place since 2015. The company did not say when they were last used.

While some reports have suggested a link between the cameras and the vicinity with the

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