ICO and OAIC concluded a joint investigation into Clearview AI Inc

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In July 2020, ICO and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) opened a joint investigation regarding the personal information handling practices of Clearview AI Inc.  They worked together on the evidence-gathering stage.

Clearview AI is a US business that claims to use innovative artificial intelligence technology to recognise people, including those wanted by law enforcement. They state that they have more than 3 billion images indexed in their database, including people outside the US. Some of their pictures have been taken from various social media platforms, even though the platforms told them to stop collecting these images.

The joint investigation was centred on how Clearview AI used data taken from the internet and the use of biometrics for facial recognition.

The joint investigation has now finished.  The consequences will be considered separately by each of the two authorities as they are bound by the different legislation as applied in their own country.

Each authority has also been looking individually at their respective police

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