ICCL: ‘User data is shared 376 times a day’

ICCL: ‘User data is shared 376 times a day’

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) is sounding the alarm. According to the civil rights movement, data about European users is shared 376 times a day with data traders. And that’s still a conservative estimate. The group speaks of “the biggest data breach” that takes place every day.

This is stated in a report drawn up by the ICCL.

This is how Google’s RTB system works

Google is the largest company that trades advertising space on a daily basis. A virtual auction takes place every moment of the day. The advertiser who is willing to pay the highest price per click and has a quality landing page wins the auction. This auction is held per keyword and per website. That process is fully automated and takes place in a fraction of a second. We call this process Real-Time Bidding, or RTB for short.

The report of the civil rights movement deals with this topic. This technology does its job behind the scenes of websites and applications. It keeps track of exactly which sites internet users visit, what searches they use, how long they stay on a page, and so on.

Such information is very valuable to advertisers and ad network operators. They use this data to create user profiles. By combining this data with other data sources, they are able to offer tailor-made, personalized advertisements. The conversion rate, the number of people who actually buy a recommended product or service, is a lot higher with person-oriented advertisements.

Data from Dutch people is sent 380 times a

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