IAPP web conferences: Privacy operations management, FTC's Safeguards Rule, Data Privacy Day 2022

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Join the IAPP Dec. 14 as Microsoft representatives will outline how the company is helping organizations keep privacy top of mind and provide a privacy management demonstration. On Dec. 15, IDX discusses how “digital dependency” impacts companies’ images while offering potential solutions to regain control of digital privacy and protect an organization. On Dec. 16, a Ketch-sponsored session will cover the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s update to the Safeguards Rule with a discussion around general impacts and potential compliance measures. On Jan. 25, RadarFirst presents a discussion on why it is important to embrace digital transformation within privacy and compliance programs. On Jan. 28, IAPP President & CEO J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP, and BigID Chief Privacy Officer Heather Federman, CIPP/US, come together on Data Privacy Day 2022 to explore potential challenges, opportunities and trends in the years ahead.

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