How to unlock the Flipper Zero’s true power

Flipper Zero running DarkFlipper and running Wi-Fi Marauder 

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

I’ve talked a lot about the Flipper Zero, the multi-functional cybersecurity tool that slips into your pocket and looks like a toy.

For the price, it’s opens up a lot of doors, and can be used as both a serious pentesting tool, and also a great educational platform.

Flipper Zero FAQ: ‘Can you really hack Wi-Fi networks?’ and other questions answered

But there’s a way to make it even more powerful.

And that’s to load up third-party firmware onto it.

Yes, the Flipper Zero supports third-party firmware. In fact, the makers of the tool make it easy to load unofficial firmware onto it using the Flipper Zero update tool.

There are a few choices out there of alternative firmware for your Flipper Zero (and there’s nothing saying you have to stick to one – you can be swapping versions to your heart’s content), but there are two that stand out.

Both extend the features that are open to the Flipper Zero.

For example, both remove the regional transmit restrictions of the sub-GHz transmitter/receiver, both add new IR remotes so you can control more devices, and both add a bunch of tools and features that become very useful one you’ve figured your way around your Flipper Zero.

Note: I recommend you start out using the stock Flipper Zero firmware. This will let you get up

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