How to Unblock Instagram at School

Imagine this: it’s been a long morning at school and you take out your phone to relax. You wait 30 seconds, but your Instagram feed isn’t loading. Your school could be one of the reasons. Schools often block Instagram to stop you from updating your stories.  
Don’t worry though — there’s hope. I’ll show you multiple ways of unblocking Instagram on your phone, laptop, and Chromebook. Better yet, these methods work inside your school’s four walls as well as in libraries or offices!

5 Best Ways to Unblock Instagram at School (and Other Public Spaces) 1. Scroll Through Instagram Using Mobile Data Pros of Using Mobile Data:Cons of Using Mobile Data: Doesn’t require you to install a separate software.
Extremely easy to use.
Limits your monthly data allowance.
Works only if you have signal.
Lets you use Instagram only on mobile devices.

The easiest way to browse through Reels without a problem is to disconnect from Wi-Fi and use your mobile data. Because your phone isn’t reaching Instagram through the school network, the firewalls can’t block it.

Scrolling through Instagram eats into your data allowance very quickly, so you may run out of data in a few hours. You could fix this with an unlimited data plan, but they can be pricey. Depending on your location, your feed may take forever to load due to a weak or non-existent signal too.

2. Unblock Your Instagram Feed With a VPN Pros of Using a VPN:Cons of Using

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