How to Take a Holistic Cyber Risk Culture From Grassroots to Maturity

There’s usually one catalytic moment that forces an organization to get serious about managing cyber risk: 

The company suffered its first breach and leadership found themselves awe-struck by the associated financial losses and the cost of recovery. An external audit turned up a few too many bad findings. The board needed information quickly to make an important decision, but when the risk team went to run the report, their spreadsheet-based system broke down and they realized that way of doing things could never keep up with the sheer scale of risk the business is facing.

Regardless of how it happens, there comes a point for most organizations where they realize that the status quo of how they’re handling cybersecurity and cyber risk management is no longer sufficient and needs a major upgrade.

But cyber risk touches nearly every corner of your organization, and bringing it under control can’t be done in a one-off, case-by-case, or siloed fashion. Approaching cyber risk management in such a disconnected, piecemeal way is exactly what led to that major incident in the first place.

Rather, building a mature cyber risk management program that will keep your business’s data and assets secure requires a holistic approach—one that makes sure you have eyes on every cyber threat your business is facing at all times. It also requires a paradigm shift in your organization’s risk culture.

Let’s explore how to get the job done.

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