How to Integrate an App Into Shopify

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Applications on Shopify are usually third-party products, and depending on the permissions provided to them; they can be installed in three ways which will be addressed in this article.

Independent business owners now have a one-stop platform – Shopify – to scale their business and compete with the big players. Shopify offers easy solutions to every conceivable requirement for an online business. Whether you want a better payment gateway or a smoother messaging application, you can find them all in the Shopify App Store

You will also find apps that do them all, like Pocketfied. It provides ready-made solutions for a better customer experience, and all you have to do is integrate Kukapp into your store. Are you looking to better your Shopify store with apps? In this article, we discuss how to integrate the right way; keep reading!

How to Install an App for Your Shopify Store?

Applications on Shopify are usually third-party products, and

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