How To Hide Your IP And Keep From Being Tracked

While the internet provides many benefits, it also brings new risks and challenges. One of the most common and notable of these is the threat to our privacy. Some users might think that they are protected by their browser, search engine and antivirus programs. However, the truth is that most of us aren’t doing nearly enough to keep websites from tracking us. 

This article will look at how websites and other platforms track you and why you are being tracked. We’ll also discuss seven different ways to hide your IP address and keep websites from tracking you. Keep reading to find out the best ways to hide your IP, protect your online browsing and ensure you aren’t being tracked.

How Are You Being Tracked?

Before we can understand how to protect ourselves, we need to know how we’re tracked. There are a few different ways that websites and apps can track users. Here are four commonly used methods that websites use to track visitors.

IP Address Permissions Emails Search History IP Address

Your IP address is the unique identifier for your network. An IP address is critical for the internet to work as it’s responsible not just for identifying your network but also for communication between your network and the web. An IP address can easily be tracked and give the tracker a clear idea of you. From your IP address, trackers can get your location, details about your connected devices, where you go, and

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