How to File Taxes Online Securely in 2022

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Oh no, it’s that time of the year again – tax season. Time to break out the calculator and navigate through complex Internet Revenue Service (IRS) instructions! You might get a sweet tax return, but if you’re not careful, you can become a victim of fraud.

Most people file online, making this month a virtual playground for cybercriminals trying to steal your identity or financial info. Tax season is frustrating enough—don’t let a cybercrook turn it into a living nightmare.

The best way to file securely is to subscribe to Private Internet Access’s (PIA) virtual private network (VPN). We’ve spent the last decade perfecting our VPN to give you ultimate privacy, especially during tax season.

Keep reading to learn how to file taxes online without worrying about scams or malicious third parties. The IRS is the only thing you should worry about!

How to Find Out if You Need to File a Tax Return Do accountants get stressed during tax season, or is it just us, regular folk?

If you made money in 2021, you’ll most likely have to file a tax return. That’s true if you made your income through a regular job, freelance work, contracting, or running your own business. It’s also true if you were unemployed but received unemployment benefits or a COVID-19 stimulus check.

That said, the IRS has a few exceptions. If you fall into these categories, congratulations – you get to avoid tax season:

If you’re a dependent (i.e. somebody, probably your parent,

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