How to Explain Parental Controls to Children and Implement Them Without a Fuss

Though possibly daunting, implementing parental controls in your household doesn’t have to be a negative experience. The main thing to remember is to respect your child’s autonomy while maintaining your parental responsibility of keeping them safe. 

To make your job as a parent easier, we’ve combined expert-approved tips and created a four-step guide to introducing parental controls in your home. It encompasses everything you need to explain parental restrictions to children, secure their devices, and keep them safe online. They may not like it initially — but they’ll thank you later.

What Are Online Parental Controls?

Parental controls encompass a group of settings that let you decide what your child can access online. They create a safe(ish) internet space where they’re free to explore appropriate content for school or entertainment. At the same time, you can also use them to limit your kids’ screen time, apply GPS tracking, or monitor incoming texts and calls. 

Parental controls are extremely important for kids and teens of any age. The internet is riddled with all types of risks young minds aren’t ready for, like online predators, pornographic images, and violence to name a few. With appropriate use of parental controls, you can protect your children from the worst of it.

Protect Kids Online

Explaining Parental Controls to Children and Teens Homework is stressful enough – protect your kids from online dangers today

Despite popular belief, kids aren’t opposed to parental controls. Research shows 70% of young people support

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