How to Delete Your Saved Passwords on Any Browser in Less Than 5 Minutes

Coming up with secure passwords feels like a strenuous exercise, but remembering the long combinations to log in is even more difficult. So, it’s not surprising that over a third of internet users store login details in browsers. Not only is it super convenient, but it also saved me a ton of time typing login credentials every time I wanted to check my social media or bank account. 

But leaving your browser in charge of your passwords is far from safe. Anyone who accesses your device can easily check your credentials and steal them to access your sensitive accounts. Saving your passwords also puts them at risk of online data leaks should your browser servers become compromised.

Luckily, not all hope is lost. I’ll show you how to easily sweep all saved login credentials from your default browser — and where you can safely keep your passwords in the future.  

The Pros and Cons of Storing Your Passwords in Browsers

Browser password managers are a great idea, but their security doesn’t sweep me off my feet. It’s the lack of it that does it. The big companies that own the browsers want you to save your login credentials to your account to increase your dependency on their service. It makes you more reliant on your browser, so you’re less likely to switch to a competitor.

Like everything, browser password managers have their pros and cons. By default, the advantages jump out first. Using your browsers to manage passwords let

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