How to completely remove your data from LastPass’s servers (eventually)

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So LastPass has been having a moment. It’s not a good moment, and it’s been extending for a lot longer than just a moment. Between the breaches and the poor management, it’s not a pretty story and folks have been leaving LastPass in droves.

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LastPass does offer a mechanism to permanently delete your old passwords. It’s messy. That’s because all of the prompts while deleting your account say the company is deleting your data, but this LastPass support page seems to imply the data is still preserved for another 30 days. 

So, yeah. There’s that. But here’s how to make sure your data is fully deleted eventually. 

How to delete your data from LastPass servers

To be clear, the process I’m about to show you will destroy your access to your LastPass passwords. So before you do it, make sure you’ve saved your passwords and migrated to a new password manager

If you’re wondering how to export your data from LastPass, ZDNET’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote a great piece on that here: Leaving LastPass? Here’s how to get your passwords out.

From this point onward, you’ll need your LastPass master password and any authentication device you have set up. Go ahead and log into your account.

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