How to Choose a Digital Footprint Solution

How to choose a digital footprint monitoring solution

An organization’s digital footprint includes any publicly available information about them, whether it’s credentials, exposed services, intellectual property, or any other kind of data. Although monitoring your digital footprint is key to understanding what malicious actors see when they plan a targeted or untargeted attack, choosing a solution to do so can be a challenge. 

The steps below outline how to make this process efficient and successful.

1 – Identify gaps 

The first step in choosing the right solution is identifying where the gaps lie with the current tools and processes that are already in place. 

Case 1: You have no external visibility

Simply put, if there are no resources (tools, professional services, cybersecurity analysts) allocated to looking outside your known infrastructure and perimeter, any solution outlined here will help your organization progress in the right direction. 

If you have a very small cybersecurity budget, and no one dedicated to cybersecurity,  managed offerings should be seriously considered instead of operating a platform yourself. This will help you access the advantages of digital footprint monitoring without limiting your ability to allocate resources to other fundamental security challenges.

If you have between 1 and 10 people allocated to cybersecurity, a number of options are available depending on the factors outlined below.

Case 2: You do external assessments from time to time

If you do external assessments with a service provider annually, bi-annually or quarterly, the gap lies in the time between the assessments where

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