How to Block Websites on iPhone (& Any Device) — A Guide for Parents Looking to Minimize Distractions

The internet is filled with distracting, explicit, or even dangerous content. Thankfully, you can get around it easily by blocking websites.

Whether you’re trying to block websites to protect children from seeing inappropriate videos or minimize distractions, we’ve got you covered. With our simple guide, you’ll learn how to quickly create blocklists on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, as well as on various browsers, and routers

As a parent, you may also wish to add extra protection with parental controls — don’t worry, we have all the info you need to set them up. We’ve even included bonus tips about making sure hackers don’t steal any private data!

Quick Guide: How to Block Websites On Any Device

Find blocklisting instructions for every device:

How to Block Websites on iPhone and AndroidHow to Block Websites on Windows and MacHow to Block Websites on Internet BrowsersHow to Block Websites on Routers
Try Private Internet Access

How to Block Websites on iPhone and Android

Blocking websites on iOS devices works in reverse, as you need to create allowlists of sites you want access to. This is because Apple’s “Screen Time” automatically blocks all platforms when you choose to restrict website access.

Set Privacy Restrictions on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Open “Settings” > “Screen Time”. Screen Time is necessary for blocking websites on iOS Tap on your child’s account at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t have one linked to your Apple ID, create a new one.

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