How Secure Is Linux?

4 – 7 min read 05/14/2023

It is no secret that the OS you choose is a key determinant of your security online. After all, your OS is the most critical software running on your computer – it manages its memory and processes, as well as all of its software and hardware. The general consensus among experts is that Linux is a highly secure OS – arguably the most secure OS by design. This article will examine the key factors that contribute to the robust security of Linux, and evaluate the level of protection  against vulnerabilities and attacks that Linux offers administrators and users.

Secure by Design

When it comes to security, Linux users are at a decided advantage over their Windows- or Mac- using counterparts. Unlike proprietary OSes, Linux in many ways has security built into its core design. The increasingly popular open-source OS is high flexibility, configurable and diverse. It also implements a strict user privilege model and offers a selection of built-in kernel security defenses to safeguard against vulnerabilities and attacks. The transparency of Linux source code means that vulnerabilities in it – which are inevitable to some degree in any OS – are almost always short-lived. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors and how it contributes to the heralded security of Linux.

The Open-Source Security Advantage

Linux source code undergoes constant, thorough review by members of the vibrant, global open-source community and, as

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