How Physical Security Blends With Cybersecurity

Did you know that during 2022, businesses will have experienced an average of 130 cybersecurity attacks? Cybersecurity is an essential investment for any business looking to maintain GDPR compliance and the trust of its clients and stakeholders.

But, your physical security strategy is essential to your cybersecurity health

Want to find out why? Keep reading as we discuss the main methods of blending cyber and physical security, the critical role that open-source intelligence (OSINT) plays in facilitating the convergence of physical security and cybersecurity, and why a cyber-physical security approach is essential in the modern climate.

Why Is A Cyberphysical Security Strategy Important?

Cyberphysical security resolves many threats a business poses in the modern security climate. To help you understand why below are some of the reasons why companies can no longer perceive cyber and physical security as distinct elements:

Cyberphysical security threats – many cyberattacks don’t just threaten your digital security but also pose a risk to your physical security, and vice versa. To combat these hybrid attacks, you need coordinated cyber and physical security. Digital assets stored in company buildings – your physical security strategy protects the digital assets held in your company’s physical locations, presenting the risk of a physical security breach exposing your data. Cloud-based physical security data – many companies are choosing cloud-based security tools to save room on server storage and make their security more scalable. However, storing physical security data in the cloud presents the

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