How LogicGate Customers Leverage Integrations

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As a risk professional, you recognize that siloed GRC infrastructure makes it more challenging to take a companywide approach to risk management. And in an effort to create a more risk-aware organization, you are looking for ways to effectively integrate risk management processes with the rest of the company. One strategy you can use to integrate risk awareness throughout your organization is to find a GRC solution that integrates with programs you already have. 

Finding an integrated solution also means the likelihood of adoption throughout your GRC team increases, making the money you invest in a GRC platform well worth it. Suppose your GRC teams are already using specific communication or task management tools. An integrated GRC platform will help meet them where they’re working from, which helps minimize the learning curve. When a GRC solution integrates with tools adopted across the company, you can leverage existing tech stacks to encourage immediate incident reporting, follow-through on risk assessments, and customized alerts to relevant stakeholders.


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