How do DevSecOps professionals feel about security becoming an around the clock job?

As breaches continue to rise, cybersecurity and development professionals are feeling the pressure to maintain their organizations’ security postures. Invicti Security released a report unveiling how developers and security professionals are overworked and understaffed, yet prideful of their roles within their organizations.

Conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research, the report is based on a survey of 500 cybersecurity professionals and software developers with at least a Director title within their organization. Surveyed individuals came from U.S. companies with 2,000 or more employees.

The survey reveals that the Great Resignation and impending cyberattacks have created added stress on their jobs:

DevSecOps professionals spend more than 4 hours each workday addressing security issues that never should have happened in the first place, with 41% of cybersecurity professionals spending 5+ hours addressing security issues compared to 32% of their developer counterparts. After the last vulnerability is discovered, 81% of professionals are likely to already feel anxious about the next. It’s affecting personal lives too. 50% cybersecurity and development pros have had to log in over the weekend or on their own time, and 1 in 3 blew off a date or night out with friends. In fact, 41% of developers blew off a night out compared to 34% of their cybersecurity counterparts. Despite increased pressure, developers and security professionals are proud of their careers

Despite this, the majority of professionals are proud of their careers, and they see their overall work making a positive impact. The findings show:


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