How CIOs Can Accelerate Digital Growth Through Automation

Today’s CIOs and IT leaders are increasingly being asked to balance three key priorities in their enterprises: transform digitally to scale faster and find new revenue sources; achieve operational excellence by reducing costs; and enhance the employee and customer experience by increasing satisfaction to grow revenue.

In the recent State of the CIO 2022 research, one of the top priorities of CEOs for IT leaders in the next year is to have them lead digital business and digital transformation initiatives and improve the customer experience. Yet, many CIOs continue to report that much of their time is spent improving IT operations and systems performance – in essence, trying to keep the lights on within the company.

Fortunately, automation is also being seen as a key component that can help CIOs achieve these top three priorities. In the same survey, 79% of IT leaders said automating business and/or IT processes has increased in importance over the past six to 12 months.

“Automation is a silver bullet that not only can achieve operational efficiency, but also can accelerate the digital growth journey that many organizations are embarking on,” says Jagjit Dhaliwal, Vice President and Global CIO Industry Leader at UiPath. “CIOs that transformed the organization during the pandemic by enabling remote capabilities to ensure business continuity have positioned themselves very well as business and strategic leaders. This trend will continue through 2022 and beyond as there continues to be a push for more digital solutions.”

Intelligent automation solutions can help transform a

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