How can global enterprises solve the “regional problem” when moving to the cloud?

How can global enterprises solve the “regional problem” when moving to the cloud? Compliance David.Clark Tue, 04/18/2023 – 13:47 Compliance April 20, 2023

Global enterprises face unique challenges when moving to the cloud as part of their digital transformation initiatives. Setting aside any internal hesitations related to a change of this magnitude, they also need to contend with issues such as: 

Regional cultural biases against cloud-based services  Different data residency and data sovereignty regulations across jurisdictions 

I called Ahmad Dash, OneSpan’s Senior Director of Cloud Operations, to examine these issues in detail.  


Drivers for change 

First, it’s helpful to understand the context for such digital transformations, says Dash. In his view, client expectations are playing a significant role as more and more digital experiences and transactions come online.  

“The qualities of a bank’s service offerings are not necessarily being influenced by competitor banks. In reality, the pressure is being exerted by the Ubers and the Lyfts of the world, simply because the experience you get from their apps revolves around ease of use. In a few clicks you can plan a trip, determine the costs, get information about who you’re dealing with, rate the experience, change the credit card you’re paying with … For banking customers, the expectations are now much the same.” 

Pressures like these are precisely what shunted a huge chunk of business transactions online during and following pandemic lockdowns. What’s changed since then is that the value of

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