How Artificial intelligence (AI) Stops Cybercriminals

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Newer AI algorithms are extremely good at analyzing data traffic, access, and transfer, as well as detecting outliers or anomalies in data trends. Below are some of the ways AI can prevent and mitigate the damage caused by cybercrime. 

The world faces an unprecedented threat in modern cybercrime. Sophisticated, globally-dispersed actors who are increasingly hard to trace find themselves with a bonanza on their hands as more of our economic and personal lives continue to migrate online.

The pandemic was an especially fruitful time for cybercriminals, who exploited the fear, confusion, and the huge increases in online activity to hack and steal everywhere they could.

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When you factor in the increasing sophistication of Artificial intelligence (AI), cybercrime represents one of the gravest threats to human civilization. Luckily, those same technologies can be leveraged to, if not stop entirely, at least slow down

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