How a Cloud Security Broker Reduces SaaS App Risks – SASE Part 4


Data exposure from SaaS and cloud applications is an increasing risk factor facing businesses today. Depending on where your organization is along its digital transformation, multi-cloud environments and cloud applications are likely being used for critical business operations.

There are good reasons to move to SaaS apps, such as their simplicity, reduction of administration, and cost reductions. Since the advent of cloud computing, applications like Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and Box™ have made themselves indispensable to modern business.

As with most changes, there are tradeoffs and compromises that need to be evaluated when considering SaaS apps, including the cloud’s lack of visibility and the security risks that come with it. These are further complicated by new threats, like the rise of shadow IT and unsanctioned apps, that were not as prevalent in on-premises security infrastructure.

As one piece of a multifaceted SASE solution, a cloud access security broker (CASB) can help to reduce the risks of using SaaS apps, whilst still reaping the benefits of enhanced data control. CASB provides protection to users and critical data through unified security policy enforcement across multi-cloud applications.

What is CASB?

CASB is a cloud-specific security solution used to monitor cloud infrastructure, identify potential threats of high-risk apps, detect unusual behavior and ransomware, and take remedial action to enable more critical data control.

With many different specific functions between vendors to solve challenges in different ways, the key element of every CASB is that it acts as an

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