Hacking the World – Part 3: The Hackers and the Hacked

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Each week in October, as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ll publish an article packed with facts and stats, to give you an in-depth look at the state of cybersecurity in today’s world. We’ll start with the basics, then cover vulnerabilities, risks, costs – and much more.

Need a geographical breakdown of hacking? If you’ve read Part 1: Hacking Basics and Part 2: What’s Being Hacked (And What Changed with Covid) of our Hacking the World series, then Part 3 should help clarify the “who” and “where” of what’s happening in hacking globally.

For a refresher of key hacking terms and definitions, read our helpful cybersecurity glossary from Part 1.

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The Hackers & the Hacked Hacking Geography

The Hackers & the Hacked

Statistics on the individuals and industries targeted with cyberattacks, as well as the perpetrators who conduct them.

How Many People Get Hacked?

Inconsistencies in the identification, recording and reporting

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