Hackers steal personal data from General Motors customers

Hackers have managed to gain access to some 5,000 accounts of General Motors customers. Personal data such as names and telephone numbers were stolen. The company advises customers to reset their passwords.

Cybernews reported this, which was the first medium to expose the data breach.

Employees see suspicious login activity

General Motors IT staff saw suspicious login activity on a number of online accounts between April 11 and 29. Once logged in, hackers tried to exchange customer reward points for gift cards. When employees saw a pattern, they temporarily disabled the rewards program system.

General Motors then wrote a letter (PDF) to all victims, explaining what happened. According to the automaker, there is no evidence that credentials come from the company’s own systems. Hackers may have obtained this data through a data breach at another company. Customers who use the same password for multiple online services risk that cybercriminals can break into other service providers.

The perpetrators stole this data

“This unauthorized activity allowed the unauthorized parties to access restricted

personal information from your GM online or mobile application accounts,” warns General Motors. It claims that these include first and last names, residential addresses, usernames and phone numbers for registered relatives, saved favourite location data, profile photos, search history about destinations and activities with rewards cards and fraudulently redeemed rewards points.

There is also data that the attackers have not been able to obtain. Then it hates birth dates, social security numbers (BSN numbers), driver’s license numbers, credit card details and bank account numbers. This information is not held

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