Hackers steal 20 GB of data from Marriott Hotel

The Marriott Hotel is again the target of hackers. The hotel chain is the victim of data theft. The attackers managed to steal a total of 20 GB of personal information from visitors. It is unknown who is responsible for the data breach.

A spokesperson for Marriott Hotel confirms to DataBreaches.net that this is a new data breach.

Marriott: ‘Hackers only had access to non-sensitive internal company files’

The hackers allegedly broke into the IT systems of the BWI Airport Marriott in Maryland last month. They then stole about 20 GB of data. This not only concerns a large number of internal documents but also personal and credit card details of 300 to 400 visitors and employees of the hotel chain. Then you have to think of first and last names, but also flight numbers, functions of the crew members and rooms they were assigned.

A spokesperson for Marriott Hotels confirms that there is a data breach. The hackers managed to gain access to an employee’s computer through social engineering. He emphasizes that the attackers were unable to penetrate to the heart of the network. “We have no evidence that the perpetrator had access to more than the files that were accessible to this one employee,” the spokesperson said.

In a response to DataBreaches.net, he seems to downplay the incident somewhat. According to the spokesperson, “non-sensitive internal company files” were mainly stolen there. The hackers dispute this and emphasize that a lot of private data has been stolen. The Marriott Hotel says it will contact all victims and report the

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