Hackers demand one million euros from Artis

Artis is the target of a ransomware attack. The hackers responsible for the cyber attack are demanding a ransom of one million euros from the Amsterdam zoo. It is unknown who is behind the attack.

Artis confirms the ransomware attack via its website.

Artis reports to the police

Hackers launched a ransomware attack today. This software puts all the zoo’s files under lock and key. The only way to regain access to this data is by using a decryption or decryption key.

But the victim does not get this just like that: the attackers demand a ransom for it. The amount of the ransom depends on the size of the organization and the annual turnover. In general, the bigger the company, the higher the ransom amount. In the case of Artis, the perpetrators demand one million euros.

In the press release, the Amsterdam zoo writes that it is still unclear who carried out the ransomware attack. The zoo has filed a report with the police and is assisted by a cybercrime specialist. Because the investigation into the attack is still ongoing, the zoo cannot make any further announcements at this time.

Zoo open again on Wednesday

“Our external ICT partner informed us that ARTIS has become the target of a cyber attack. When this became clear, a crisis team was immediately put together at the highest level,” says an Artis spokesperson. He says measures have been taken immediately to prevent further access to the system. It is unknown what measures are involved.

The spokesperson continues his story. “Because it is not yet clear

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