Hackers Compromise A String Of Discord Channels

Hackers compromised several Discord servers of popular NFT projects on Tuesday in an attempt to trick users into giving up cryptocurrency or buying fake NFTs.

Late on Tuesday night, the blockchain cybersecurity firm PeckShield published an alert on Twitter warning that the Discord servers of the NFT projects Memeland, PROOF/Moonbirds, RTFKT, as well as the web3 infrastructure company CyberConnect, were compromised, the latest in a string of hacks against NFT projects through their Discord servers. 


CyberConnect confirmed the hack on Twitter, asking users not to click on any link on Discord, and reminding them that the project will never ask for their private keys. 

Memeland also alerted users on Twitter and inside Discord, where the project posted a message saying a compromised bot posted announcements with “fake links.”

“A discord bot (mee6) seems to be compromised across various high profile servers, including Proof/Moonbirds, RTFKT, PXN, and us,” a Memeland team member wrote. “Stay vigilant all the time. Deauthorize unused/unknown apps in your settings. Do not click on any links. And as always: DON’T TRUST. VERIFY.”

Alien Frens, another NFT project, also confirmed the hack on Twitter saying: “we were hacked as with many others today, we’re not sure how they infiltrated yet.” 

According to the Memeland announcement, hackers allegedly took control of the Discord bot mee6. This is a tool that Discord server owners can use to automate welcome messages, inform about server rules, topics, and events, according to the bot’s

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