HackerOne’s In-Depth Approach to Vulnerability Triage and Validation

Like triaging in a hospital emergency room, security issues must be diagnosed and handled by an expert as soon as they arrive. But it doesn’t stop there. Just as an ER needs good doctors, a triage team needs experienced security analysts to conduct a deep analysis and ask: 

What is the potential impact of an incident?  Is this something that needs immediate escalation? Do we have enough information to continue?  How can we de-duplicate and validate the submitted vulnerability?  Who is the right person to handle this issue?  What is the right remediation advice to fix the issue effectively? 

At HackerOne, we realize that delivering the most effective triage experience for customers and hackers is a meticulous job and requires a team of experts who should function as an extension of your security or development team. That’s where HackerOne Security Analysts come in. 

Meet the Extension of Your Security Team

HackerOne’s Triage Services consists of over 45 highly-skilled in-house security analysts who triage approximately 3000 reports per week and 12,000 reports per month across five different continents. Our global coverage enables the triage team to deliver quicker results and faster resolution at scale. 

HackerOne’s Security Analysts have a broad range of technical skills and industry experience to cover a diverse range of assets, including web, mobile, API, binary, firmware, IoT, and hardware. All team members are active hackers with a finger on the pulse of high-volume reports, zero-days, and other vulnerabilities. Our team understands security concepts inside and out.

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