Guide to Enumeration Pentest: All You Need to Know

Enumeration Pentest: Phase 2 explained by Crashtest Security

Aug 16, 2022

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Sudip Sengupta

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Penetration testing helps security researchers uncover vulnerabilities that a hacker may potentially exploit to compromise an entire tech stack, network, or web application. An enumeration pentest is one such penetration technique that helps determine whether device configurations have been appropriately implemented, apart from helping to meet compliance requirements and develop guidelines for security training and awareness. 

This article discusses the importance of enumeration in cybersecurity while learning various enumeration pentest techniques and use cases.

What is Enumeration in Cybersecurity?

Often termed the second phase of penetration testing, an enumeration technique is used to gather the information that helps cybersecurity teams to identify system weaknesses and map out the network’s attack surface.

Before the exploitation phase, penetration testing often involves reconnaissance and enumeration to discover potential attack vectors within network resources. During the second enumeration phase, penetration testers establish an active connection to a remote machine in the network to gather information such as valid usernames, routing tables, TCP ports, machine names, etc.

Enumeration is considered a crucial part of the penetration testing process as it provides an insight into metrics and outcomes that are directly used to craft exploits and test the system’s security flaws.

Some techniques used to discover security flaws include:

Using default passwords to

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