Guide to Container Management on AWS

Container management aims to help you create, govern, and maintain your containers. There are tools and services in the market that enable automation of the creation, deployment, maintenance, scaling, and monitoring of application or system containers.

Container management in the context of AWS is about understanding the AWS services and options that abstract aspects of managing cloud or on-prem infrastructure, security, scalability, and high availability of your services. Collectively, these container management services enable you to spend more time on application development and satisfying end users of your services and products. Also, by understanding the proper way to manage containers in AWS, you can move your business ideas to sellable products and go to market rapidly.

There are plenty of options to choose from to manage containers in AWS. Depending on the goals of a project and the resources available, you can select different forms and levels of container management to help meet your goals. This article explores container management on AWS to help you understand when and where to utilize managed container solutions.

Selecting the right level of container management on AWS

Broadly speaking, there are three categories that container management services and tools fall under, with services to facilitate each of them:

Registry Orchestration Compute

Amazon Elastic Container Registry service (Amazon ECR) provides a simple, secure way to store and manage container images. AWS offers multiple services in orchestration for you to choose from, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and

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