Group-IB CEO Ilya Sachkov charged with treason in Russia

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Ilya Sachkov, the founder of the Russian cybersecurity company Group-IB, has been arrested by Russian intelligence. The chief executive was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of high treason. A Moscow court ruled on Tuesday that Sachkov can be detained until November 27.

Sachkov says he is innocent

The Russian authorities suspect that Sachkov passed on confidential information to foreign intelligence services. He denies the allegations and says he is innocent. “He does not admit that he was guilty of high treason, which caused reputational and national damage to Russian interests, or that he cooperated with intelligence services of foreign states,” an unnamed source told the Russian news agency.

Russian media report that law enforcement agencies searched Group-IB’s office on Tuesday. According to a press release released by office employees, officers left the property that same evening. It is unknown whether they seized documents or data carriers. The company did say that client data is safe.

‘Sachkov is innocent and with integrity

Group-IB is an internationally operating cybersecurity company engaged in the prevention of

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