Ground Labs Enterprise Recon 2.6 accelerates PII scanning and data compliance

Ground Labs released Enterprise Recon 2.6, which addresses modern security standards and expands scanning capabilities across all major cloud storage platforms.

This new release introduces new platform integrations along with improved authentication workflows to ensure compliance while supporting enterprise remediation and interoperability.

Enterprise Recon is a smart data discovery solution that enables organizations to find and remediate personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive information across the broadest range of structured and unstructured data on servers, desktops, emails, databases, and cloud storage. Ground Labs Enterprise Recon customers can now upgrade to version 2.6 to access new security and authentication features as well as increased scanning capabilities cloud storage platforms.

Key features of Enterprise Recon 2.6 include:

Integration with Google Cloud Storage: Search for sensitive data in Google Cloud projects, with the flexibility to select specific Cloud Storage buckets or objects to scan; Updated authentication protocols aligning with least privilege access: enabling improved authentication support for Microsoft OneDrive Business and SharePoint Online. Identify sensitive data on a wider range of sources: Scan and remediate sensitive PII on SAP HANA databases, Salesforce CRM platforms, Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop, and more; Data access governance: Identify open access permissions for locations containing sensitive data, and immediately take action to minimize risk by locking down access to those locations; Reporting features including Risk Scoring & Labeling: Set up risk profiles to automatically map sensitive data locations to a specific set of rules, labels and scores; Delegated remediation: Easily delegate remediation tasks to another user,

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