GRC 101: Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability management will be crucial to the future of many organizations. To keep up with the rate of change, a sense of urgency must be present. We want to cover the basics in this post, so you are better prepared to undertake your vulnerability management journey.

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities. It is an essential part of risk management, encompassing all aspects of managing risks to protect business assets. Vulnerabilities can come in many forms: a flaw in a software system that could leave your organization exposed to an attacker, or human errors, such as clicking on phishing emails that let in attackers.

Typically, security teams use a vulnerability management tool or solution to detect vulnerabilities and then action various processes to fix, patch, or remediate.

Robust vulnerability management solutions use a combination of threat intelligence and IT and business knowledge to review and prioritize risks so that the right individuals can address vulnerabilities as quickly as

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