GraphQL Security Best Practices – An Actionable Guide

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Best Practices For GraphQL Security

Being one of the most popular query languages, commonly found vulnerabilities make GraphQL Security a topic of consistent deliberation, assessment, and flaw mitigation. In this blog post, we delve into various GraphQL vulnerabilities, best practices to mitigate risks and address some commonly asked questions. 

Table of contentsWhat is GraphQL?What is GraphQL Security?Common Graphql VulnerabilitiesChecklist – Prevent Graphql vulnerabilityFAQ’S for Graphql Security What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a server-side runtime, API query language that prioritizes returning only the data that clients request. The language is intended to make APIs lightweight, flexible, developer-friendly, and fast. GraphQL lets development teams craft requests that access data from multiple sources in a single interface call, making it an alternative to the REST API framework. The language can be deployed within an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and provides a syntax that describes how users should ask for data. GraphQL offers a framework that operates predictably while allowing developers to build APIs with their chosen methods. 

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