Google rolls out Privacy Guide to Chrome desktop users

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To give users more insight into their privacy settings, Google has come up with a Privacy Guide. The search engine giant will roll out this feature in the coming week to desktop users who work with the Chrome web browser. Anyone can leave feedback. Based on this, the Privacy Guide may receive setting options in the future.

Google writes this in a blog.

Google knows everything about us through tracking cookies

Google and privacy are rarely mentioned in the same breath. After all, Google is a company that makes its money by collecting as much data from users as possible. The search giant uses this data to create user profiles. Google in turn sells these profiles to operators of major advertising networks, such as Meta.

The idea behind this method is that Google can serve person-oriented advertisements. The more personal an online ad is, the more likely it will result in additional sales. And therefore more turnover and higher profit figures. We also call this conversion rate.

To learn so much about users, Google developed tracking cookies. With this, the internet company follows very closely what someone is up to on the internet. This type of cookie tells, among other things, which searches a person performs, which sites he visits and how long he stays there. Google knows exactly where your interests lie.

This is what you need to know about Privacy Guide

This method has been criticized for several years now. Research from the Pew Research Center shows that three-quarters of all internet users feel that they are constantly being followed online.

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