Google Allegedly Boasted of Slowing Down and Delaying ePrivacy Regulation, Accused of Colluding with Facebook

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Back in December last year, Texas and nine other US states sued Google alleging that the company enjoys monopolistic power, and that it is stifling competition. Google called this a “misleading attack“, and insisted that the allegations were “wrong”. The move by the US states is of great relevance to this blog because it concerned Google’s dominance in online advertising. That, in turn, is based on micro-targeting using real-time bidding (RTB) – topics that have been discussed many times on Privacy News Online. The lawsuit has hit the headlines again because a New York Judge has just unsealed previously redacted documents that provide deeper insight into the allegations against Google.

The amended complaint now includes 17 states. Its 173 pages offer one of the best descriptions of how the online advertising model works, and how deeply embedded Google is in every aspect of the system. Of particular interest to readers of this blog are some fairly stunning allegations about Google’s attempts to limit protection for

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