Gigalek: data video game streaming platform Twitch on the street

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A user on the infamous online imageboard 4chan has put more than 130 gigabytes of data from streaming platform Twitch online. The leak includes:

The source code of the website: from the beginning to now, including developer comments. Data on the earnings of major, well-known streamers: including big names like Asmongold, Amouranth, Shroud, and more. Unannounced Steam Competitor Information: The program, Vapor, is set to become Amazon’s answer to Steam’s dominance. The source code of the Mobile, Desktop and Console Twitch clients: this allows everyone to see how the apps work and easily look for vulnerabilities. Twitch Internal Tools: Everything from SDKs to red teaming tools that allow Twitch to run its own pen tests. Information on all of Twitch’s sub-brands: including CurseForge and IGDB.

In the same post, the user states that they have leaked the data because they believe that there is too little competition and disruption in the streaming world. In addition, Twitch does too little against abuse in and out of the community: “their

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