Get Google out of Your Mobile Life with /e/OS

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Digital privacy is a human right. But we’re being spied on more than we may realize. Android phone users are particularly at-risk of watchful eyes, even with customized software. Not even the supposedly privacy-respecting ROMS are entirely trustworthy.

Is there any way to truly stay private with an Android? Actually, yes. /e/OS from /e/ Foundation is one of the very few Android-based operating systems that doesn’t send any information back to Google. I’ve tried and tested the software to see whether it’s worth using, and if complete privacy comes at the expense of functionality.

Android’s Patchy Privacy

Privacy is a commodity in short supply in the 21st century. Information about you, your friends, your preferences, and your gender identity is big business for companies who can share and sell the data to make millions of dollars. Most even know the finer details, like the car you drive, your location, and your income.

It’s easy for these companies to get their hands on your data. You provide them with everything they could ever want to know thanks to that device you’re probably holding in your hand right now.

If you use an Android device from Google, every step you take is reported back to Google. Every search you make is stored on the Alphabet servers, and every app you install sends information back to Google and the app creators — and whoever they wish to share it with.

With a stock Android phone, it’s impossible to turn off this pervasive monitoring

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