George Floyd’s Murder, Three Years On: Insitutional Racism Hardwired in Police Tech

Three years ago today, rumblings of a global reckoning on racial injustice took place that led many people to reconsider their own experiences and roles when it came to anti-Blackness and racial discrimination. And unfortunately it had to come after one more violent incident – the murder of an innocent Black man at the hands of American police officers.

It would be cynical to say that nothing changed but it’s simply realistic to add that we are all still learning.

Insitutional racism in the UK

When George Floyd was killed, among the outrage were the cynics that still deny the existence of systemic oppression or that these problems are those of the US alone. And that’s simply not true.

Institutional racism within policing has a sizeable history in the UK and is very much present today.

From the Macpherson Report to Louise Casey’s damning assessment of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the police in the capital are “institutionally racist” as well as sexist and homophobic. Elsewhere, findings from Greater Manchester Police’s Achieving Race Equality report in 2021 led the chair of Greater Manchester’s Race Equality Panel to conclude the force was institutionally racist

Earlier this year, the charity INQUEST found Black men were seven times more likely to die than white people following police restraint but that there was no adequate accountability for racism within police forces.

What we know about tech is that it accelerates results and so when an institutionally racist organisation like the police use technology to

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