Generative AI brings new risks to everyone. Here’s how you can stay safe

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Critical questions still need to be addressed about the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI), so businesses and consumers keen to explore the technology must be mindful of potential risks. 

As it’s currently still in its experimentation stage, businesses will have to figure out the potential implications of tapping generative AI, says Alex Toh, local principal for Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow’s IP and technology practice. 

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Key questions should be asked about whether such explorations continue to be safe, both legally and in terms of security, says Toh, who is a Certified Information Privacy Professional by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He also is a certified AI Ethics and Governance Professional by the Singapore Computer Society.

Amid the increased interest in generative AI, the tech lawyer has been fielding frequent questions from clients about copyright implications and policies they may need to implement should they use such tools. 

One key area of concern, which is also heavily debated in other jurisdictions, including the US, EU and UK, is the legitimacy of taking and using data available online to train AI models. Another area of debate is whether creative works generated by AI models, such as poetry and painting, are protected by copyright, he tells ZDNET.

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There are risks of trademark and copyright infringement

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