Gazprombank complained about a powerful DDoS attack

On September 6, bots were set on the services of Gazprombank. As a result of a DDoS attack, the company’s website, call centre and SMS provider were affected. The information security department of Gazprombank complains that the security forces do not help businesses in the cyber war.

“Gone are the days when the threat model consisted of crime and the goal was profit. Now, these are politically savvy groups with the idea of ​​bringing down something, doing something bad,” Alexander Yegorkin, First Vice President of Gazprombank, began his speech at the Business Information Security Summit with these words.

Egorkin spoke about the large-scale DDoS attack that Gazprombank services suffered on September 6th. The hacktivists set up thousands of bots that simultaneously filled out questionnaires on the bank’s website. The attackers entered data from the leaks of the ISP into the form, and the ISP automatically sent messages to the specified phone numbers.

As a result, the website and the call centre of Gazprombank, as well as the SMS provider itself, “fell down”, says Egorkin.

“We must pay tribute, the attackers were seriously preparing,” Yegorkin justifies himself. On the same day, the client bank and the firewall of Gazprombank were attacked. According to the top manager, the restoration work took about four hours.

Egorkin believes that in today’s difficult conditions of cyber warfare, banks are left face-to-face with hacktivists. Power structures do not pay due attention to either prevention or investigation of incidents.

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