Future of Privacy Forum Releases Student Monitoring Explainer

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On October 27, FPF released a new infographic, “Understanding Student Monitoring,” depicting the variety of reasons why schools monitor student digital activities, what types of student data are being monitored, and how that data could be used. While student monitoring is not new, it has gained significant traction recently due to the shift to remote learning and the increase in school-managed devices being issued to students. 

View the infographic here

“Student monitoring has been happening for years, but too often families only learn about it after their child has been flagged or they’ve read something in the news. And that lack of transparency creates questions and confusion about how exactly it works, and what is – and is not – being monitored,” said Amelia Vance, FPF’s Vice President of Youth and Education Privacy. “We hope that this infographic will help parents, students, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders understand generally how student monitoring works and what it aims to do, and ultimately become empowered

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