Future of Privacy Forum and Israel Tech Policy Institute Cyber Week Delegation, 2022

Last week, The Future of Privacy Forum’s (FPF) Israel Tech Policy Institute (ITPI) welcomed a delegation of trailblazing privacy professionals from around the world to participate in Tel Aviv University’s Cyber Week conference and to meet with start-ups, regulators, and academics.

The week started with an illuminating tour of the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, followed by a trip to Team8 headquarters and a roundtable discussion with Duality, a leading developer of privacy protection homomorphic encryption technology. 

Around the table sat government officials (from Europe and the U.S.) alongside chief privacy officers of leading fintech, education, and transportation companies, gathering to discuss the current and future landscape of privacy regulation and practice. 

At night, the delegation gathered to celebrate Cyber Week at an FPF and Goodwin reception, providing an opportunity to socialize, eat, and network with leading attorneys in the privacy space from around the world.

For the next morning’s event, Stacey Gray, FPF’s Director of Legislative Research and Analysis, led an engaging discussion surrounding the rapidly changing landscape of U.S. Privacy Policy, featuring Chegg Sr. Assistant General Counsel Bekah Putz, Streetlight Data CPO Kara Selke, Plaid CPO Sheila Jambekar, and Gravy Analytics CPO Jason Sarfati. 

Together, the group discussed the difficulties inherent in reconciling state laws and instability across sectorial regimes of enforcement, and assessed the uncertain path forward for federal legislation. Speakers flagged the need to establish shared definitions when drafting contracts, and the general practice of

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