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The VaxSurge ransomware reported Sunday included a previously undetected worm that attacked health department freezers holding COVID-19 vac… The Federal Bureau of Inquiry announced this morning that it was investigating a new ransomware campaign targeted at local public health age… Today, at an unusual afternoon press conference, Gen Turgidson, the Director of the Director for the National Critical Infrastructure Securi… Today, Robotron announced the presence of a bug in their RoboAlarm® product that has been exploited in the wild to exfiltrate control system… On Friday the Friendly Morning Pipeline Company (FMPC) filed a suit in the 14 th US District Court against the Pipeline Safety, Security an… This morning Horst Sinderman, facility manager for the Intershop Meat Plant in Delano GA, announced that the facility would be shut down for… Today Robotron reported that their bug bounty program, Robo Bug Report , had been hacked. “The unidentified hacker has had access to vulnera…

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