Fresh Scrutiny For Mexico After Arrest Of Suspect In NSO Spyware Case

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Mexico’s use of spyware made by NSO Group is facing new scrutiny following the arrest of a businessman on allegations that he used the surveillance tool to spy on a journalist.

The arrest of the businessman – who has not formally been named by Mexican prosecutors – comes months after a consortium of media outlets, including the Guardian, published a series of reports detailing how the phone numbers of thousands of Mexicans, including 50 people linked to the country’s current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, appeared on a leaked list of numbers selected by government clients of the Israeli spyware company for possible surveillance.

Journalists, as well as lawyers, activists and prosecutors also appeared on the list. In the wake of the stories by the Pegasus project, Obrador called his predecessors’ alleged use of spyware “shameful” and said his own government would bar use of the surveillance tool.

Mexican press freedom group Article 19 hailed the arrest, and

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