FPF Statement on President Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address

“Data protection and privacy are fundamental human rights. The benefits of modern technology in areas like mobility, health care, and education cannot be fully realized until a clear, comprehensive federal privacy law is enacted. Americans will benefit from a standard that provides individuals with needed protections and organizations with certainty and guidance.

While privacy is important across society, its protections are increasingly central to marginalized communities, and the intersection of technology and civil rights is properly at the core of the Biden agenda. Children who are particularly vulnerable when their information is collected and used deserve protections against commercial exploitation. But it is essential that efforts to protect young people don’t require all adults to identify themselves before accessing online content, adversely affecting all internet users and giving a new tool to those who would limit access to content that they themselves object to based on ideology. 

Children’s privacy laws are important. But a comprehensive federal law to protect everyone is critical toward addressing the gaps in the current U.S. approach to data privacy, which has resulted in insufficient legal protections and a patchwork of state laws. Individuals deserve consistent privacy protections regardless of their zip code or age. We agree with President Biden: It’s time for federal lawmakers to speak in a united, bipartisan voice to create uniform privacy protections for all Americans.

We appreciate the recognition of the Biden Administration’s efforts to support comprehensive privacy protections at this critical juncture. Current business practices and new technologies are

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