FPF Releases “The Playbook: Data Sharing for Research” Report and Infographic

Today, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) published “The Playbook: Data Sharing for Research,” a report on best practices for instituting research data-sharing programs between corporations and research institutions. FPF also developed a summary of recommendations from the full report.

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Facilitating data sharing for research purposes between corporate data holders and academia can unlock new scientific insights and drive progress in public health, education, social science, and a myriad of other fields for the betterment of the broader society. Academic researchers use this data to consider consumer, commercial, and scientific questions at a scale they cannot reach using conventional research data-gathering techniques alone. This data also helped researchers answer questions on topics ranging from bias in targeted advertising and the influence of misinformation on election outcomes to early diagnosis of diseases through data collected by fitness and health apps.

The playbook addresses vital steps for data management, sharing, and program execution between companies and researchers. Creating a data-sharing ecosystem that positively advances scientific research requires a better understanding of the established risks, opportunities to address challenges, and the diverse stakeholders involved in data-sharing decisions. This report aims to encourage safe, responsible data-sharing between industries and researchers.

“Corporate data sharing connects companies with research institutions, by extension increasing the quantity and quality of research for social good,” said Shea Swauger, Senior Researcher for Data Sharing and Ethics. “This Playbook showcases the importance, and advantages, of having appropriate protocols in place to create

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