FPF New Resource Takes the Guesswork out of Buying Privacy Tech

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A new FPF resource helps buyers determine which privacy tools are the most appropriate for their business needs. The Privacy Tech Buyer Framework is a step-by-step tool that provides guidance on buying the best privacy technology through three phases that include simplified steps and case studies.

Navigating the privacy tech acquisition process can be tricky given an increase in privacy tools and services available to businesses.

Download the Framework

In the Framework, you’ll explore:

Phase 1: Business Outcomes

Understanding your achievable outcomes for your business is the crucial first step in the privacy tech acquisition process. Outcomes may vary for different businesses, and differ between stakeholders in an organization. Phase 1 of the Framework takes you through several categories of business outcomes that can be achieved with privacy technologies. 

Phase 2: Privacy Tech Product Categories

Once you identify the business outcomes you want to achieve, the next step in the process is matching business outcomes to categories of privacy technology products. In Phase 2, the Framework outlines several categories of privacy tech products, drawing from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Privacy Framework. 

Phase 3: Business-Level Tools and Services

In Phase 3 of the Framework, business-level tools and services are separated into categories based on their functionality. The five main categories include: Identification, Governance, Control, Protection, and Communication. Each category contains tools and services organized by their functionality, for example, Protection includes data security, protective technology, and more. Identifying

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